Donald Sterlings week just keeps getting worse


NYPost- Media empress Oprah Winfrey may get into yet another game: NBA ownership.

Winfrey is considering teaming with David Geffen and Larry Ellison for a bid to buy the Los Angeles Clippersfrom Donald Sterling, who is facing massive pressure to sell the franchise as part of sanctions stemming from his racist audio recordings.


Wow, can you imagine this? Two of the biggest groups that racist shit-head/LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling hates are looking to combine forces in order to buy the Clippers. I am going to say that this is nothing short of a great power move by Geffen and Oprah. Not only are they totally capable business people, but the fact that they are everything that Sterling hates just makes this story all the more funny. 

Not to mention that UCLA just turned down a 3 Million Dollar donation from sterling that was to go towards medical research. How much does your life have to suck when someone says "I'd rather watch someone die than take your money." Totally sucks to be this guy right now.

That all being said, I still hate Sterling's girlfriend for being such a slimeball.

Antonio MerolaComment