Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Call It Quits


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- Pack up the pom-poms in Buffalo, because the Bills will be playing without the support of their official cheerleaders this year.

Stephanie Mateczun, whose company manages the Buffalo Jills cheerleading squad, said Thursday she has suspended operations through at least the end of the season. The decision was made two days after five former Jills filed a lawsuit complaining they worked hundreds of hours for free, and were subjected to groping and sexual comments.



Seriously, Jills?  You're going to complain that your job running around in a short skirt and tight top caused sexual harassment? This is where we want to go with this? The job that you auditioned for, and applied for, and now your complaining that there are rules that they expect you to abide by? Sorry, but you're not going to get any tears from me on this one. Nobody forced you into this position, and you should be grown up enough to realize that every job comes with certain hazards. As far as the "jiggle test" goes...God forbid we expect individuals who represent an athletic organization to be, you know, athletic? 



Antonio MerolaComment