Marty Walsh is a spineless asshole


So, newly elected mayor Marty Walsh did an AMA on reddit last night. Second comment in and he lied and got called out on it:

So, Marty was asked about Marijuana dispensaries saying he supported them, and then was called out for double talking, with a link to an article saying he was against them and would fight the openings of them in Boston. 

Look, I don't care if you are for or against (medical) marijuana. But at least grow some balls and be willing to have a position. Do we purposefully go out of our way to pick the most spineless and dishonest people to work in government? Show us that you actually have a position, Marty, and be a man and stick with it. Don't just pander. Only a weak individual panders. 

As far as I am concerned, Marty Walsh is a spineless pussy.

Antonio MerolaComment