How You Don't Handle Someone You Disagree With

As stated above, this is a reblog from Barstool, but dammit I just had to share it. Of course, being the narcissist I am, I couldn't do it without adding my two cents.

This honestly was the laugh I needed today. This kid is just the definition of a little gremlin. Like, don't get me wrong, fuck those self-righteous people with their sign. Get off your damned high horse and mind your own business. But, at the same time the same goes for this little troll. Based on the video, he definitely struck first. You just don't do that kid. You gotta realize that people get to say shit you might not like.

Living in San Francisco for three years I used to run into the bible thumpers all the time. It's really easy dealing with them, you just keep walking. It's pretty fucking simple. I always would just laugh when I saw those signs. 

I gotta give props to the guy in red. Clearly his name is Mark. Guy came out swinging like a champ. Someone get him a belt. I can't blame him though...Fuckin' Golem came looking for a fight. Should have thought better about that buddy. And lets just talk about the noises this kid was making. Like WTF was that? You really think you are going to be taken seriously when you scream like a banshee? And the crying? Grow up, Peter Pan

It's takes a real special type of asshat to make me side with Religious wackjobs, but god dammit  watching that kid get clocked was satisfying. Let's make him internet famous.