Miley Cyrus Fights Ron Jeremy at Kentucky Derby Party


EMPIRE SPORTS- On the first Saturday in May each year, celebrities gather at historic Churchill Downs in the heart of a town not normally associated with the glitz and glamour, and sometimes drama, of celebrity life.

Following the event many celebs find their way to the local pub and clubs to partake in the many post-Derby festivities around town.

While most remain uneventful, some patrons at a strip club on Preston Hwy in Louisville called Trixies got a taste of celebrity drama as a verbal fight between pop celeb Miley Cyrus and porn star Ron Jeremy ended with Cyrus being escorted out of the club.

According to club manager, Trey Landrum, Ron Jeremy was hosting the Derby event at the club.  At some point while Jeremy was talking with some fans near the bar area, he was approached by a, according to many, highly intoxicated Miley Cyrus who, “thought he should die for ripping off her video.”

Let me just start off by saying how much earlier I wanted to post this. Unfortunately, when you work in an office that monitors your web traffic, it becomes rather difficult to track down an image of Ron Jeremy that isn't going to get your ass booted when you click the link. 

That all being said, I have to admit, this is a pretty ballsy move by Miley. I mean it takes a lot of guts to challenge a legend like Ron Jeremy. As far as I am concerned, this is no different than some douchebag hipster Hare-Krishna calling out The Dalai Lama. Like, your in the presence of a legend. Show some damned respect. Didn't your parents teach you any manners?

As far as I am concerned, Miley Cyrus should be thanking Ron Jeremy. She may be a hero to the young, but Ron Jeremy is a legend, and his re-enactment of her video is the only thing that keeps her relevant. You don't fuck with legend status. Apparently, Miley Cyrus never heard this speech growing up: