It's Cinco De Mayo...How Are You Celebrating?


Today is Cinco De Mayo. It is traditionally considered a day when The Country of Mexico celebrates the historic victory over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In reality though, this is boring sounding. The real reason we celebrate Cinco De Mayo is to give us a"legitimate" excuse to drink. To that I say, cheers!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the drink of choice most certainly is Tequila, a Mexican alcohol that when translated to English means "I don't remember doing that." More specifically, a great choice for Cinco De Mayo is the Margarita:

The margarita is a cocktail consisting of tequila, triple sec (such as Cointreau) and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the glass’s rim. It is the most common tequila-based cocktail in the United States. The drink is served shaken with ice (on the rocks), blended with ice (frozen margarita), or without ice (straight up).
— Wikipedia

A good margarita should not be fussy. A few simple ingredients mixed together to create a refreshing drink that will, if prepared right, get you fucked up. Personally, I prefer my Margaritas shaken over ice, compared to the frozen, nuclear green concoctions that you find being served at shitty theme restaurants and bars. So in honor of the Maragarita, here is a simple recipe courtesy of GQ:

Tommy’s Margarita
2 ounces 100% agave tequilla
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1/2 ounce agave nectar

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
— GQ/ Tommy's- San Francisco

Happy Drinking and Viva La Mexico