Japanese Pornstar Takes the Plastic Surgery Game to a Whole New Level


Huffington Post- A Japanese porn starlet who underwent plastic surgery and was cruelly nicknamed Harry Potter's pet elf Dobby has defended herself against her critics.

Rina Nanase says people who dubbed her Dobby because of her similarity with the house elf from the Potter books are just jealous of the surgical shaping she has undergone.


I straight up love this story. This girl is bringing the plastic surgery game to a whole new level. If I were her, I would totally run with the Dobby the Elf nickname. Own that shit! Make all the haters look like fools. This girl is just doing her, and I am totally OK with that. After plastic surgery Ken and Barbie, this is a huge move for the insane plastic surgery game. Personally, I hope this starts a huge war of the crazy cosmetic surgery patients. Just one up-ing eachother with each move. In fact, I think it's time we bring this back.